Whether you need an email, a marketing brochure, or a 400 page technical manual, attention to detail is key. Editing for clients depends on understanding the intent and vision of the project. Once that is established, the rest becomes diligently applying editorial best practices honed over 25 years of experience.

Our job is to take your vision or originals and collaborate to compose an active and engaging document. Here are some of the overarching matters that we take into consideration with every project:

  • Perspective: How to reach the audience with the information given
  • Structure: Whether the sequence or flow matches the objectives of the document
  • Clarity: If the syntax and word choices of each section get the point across
  • Conciseness: Using less words and more direct language to increase readability
  • Consistency: Finding coherence and concordance of form and function among all aspects of the document
  • Accuracy: Helping to ensure that the copy is correct and as flawless as possible
  • Effectiveness: Whether the text and visuals efficiently achieve the overall goal for the document
  • Quality: If the document meets all the above in an elegant and practical way

Collaborating with clients, keeping up with best practices, along with ensuring usability and readability for readers, are the basic tenets of our editorial service.

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