Content Development

The text and visuals that go into what you publish makes a difference! These creative elements need to be created, selected, and coordinated with care to develop a well directed and effective product. We at estudio-5 are equipped and ready to help, with anything from photography and illustrations to text and proofing. Between the tried and true principles of composition and the latest software, we can create, develop, and publish for any digital or print need.

Our content work usually goes towards larger projects such as magazines, websites, or reports. However, we do also take on smaller projects creating visual or textual content. And, even if you already have creatives lined up, we can help coordinate and produce for the most efficient and successful end result.

Keeping content and everyone on course requires modern software to facilitate file tracking, file managing, flat planning, and overall project oversight. We subscribe to and provide these at no additional charge because we are committed to being at the cutting edge of our industry in every way possible.

What we do to manage content and production for our clients:

  • Plan for the needs of the project
  • Select and coordinate design teams, writers, editors, printers, photographers, illustrators, etc.
  • Optimize quality and work flow by implementing the latest software
  • Prompt and support team members at each pivotal stage of the work schedule
  • Configure the proper file output for print
  • Manage files and archive
  • Retrieve files from our backed-up archives, as necessary

We understand all stages of the process, from content creation to final production, and can help you reach the desired results.

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